Saturday, January 28, 2012

My Friend Vladimir Putin

One of the Nada interns knows a guy who knows a guy who owns a 24 hour pizza restaurant, which is truly a testament to the pillars of capitalism- but I just love pizza- anyways, the guy who owns this pizza joint, may or may not- according to sources close to the magazine- sell drugs at his 24 hour pizza party hut, which, to me, is really a nice idea, combining two things we here at Nada love, pizza and drugs. The guy who owns the 24 hour pizza place happens to be a very close friend to none other than Vladimir Putin, CEO of Russia- which explains the pure marketing genius of pizza and drugs, and perhaps the reason that this particular proprietor  is kind of a dick, but hey, who isn't a dick when they are running a 24 hour pizza joint/drug shack (?) I mean Vladimir Putin is a dick, but he also looks like a mob boss who fucks Edward ( Nada voted team Ed in the 2008 election) for talking shit  ( He picked him up in a Rolls Royce). Putin is always putin something on the first date, and that is why Putin sort of looks like hes dead. Not because he is tired from working all day ( a 24 hour day is how Putin lives) but because he spends a lot of time fucking and doing blow and probably assassinating people himself- because Putin is that kind of leader, he won't ask you too kill someone, because he kind of just wants to do it himself. Our comrade, the owner of a 24 hour pizzeria doesn't kill people, as far as I know, he just sells drugs and pouts. Maybe he misses Vladimir, I like to think he calls him Vlad or Vladli, I miss Vladimir, I like that he doesn't say shit or piss, but excrement- hes a class act.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

To Russia With Love

My heart goes out to you.

also N001Kim Jong Il we will miss you is out on the streets. Find him and keep him warm.

also N002 Party in the U.S.A. will be out Friday (if not, a later day), till then a preview.

also preview link doesn't work anymore.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Even Harvard Loves Nada

Did you know we're media savvy? well we are, and let me tell you its sweet, sweeter than anything I have ever felt before, like being in love- know what I mean? I got the highest score, I'm like good (not naughty) Will Hunting ( I feel nobody ever capitalizes his name, but that could just be me), how bout' them apples ( world).
told you already
even Harvard University
You can go to school but you can't buy Classs
Do you enjoy NADA magazine?
Do you own a green military/paramilitary jacket?
Are you a chick?

Currently NADA is looking for a girl to pose for the end section of the magazine. Where the Birth of Venus is.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Nada man, its a Magazine

NADA is Seattle's premiere Dada magazine. From the lower gutters, moss filled basements, and under the rocks held together by concrete, the words and images trickle up. They poke their heads to see the light. They senselessly scan the horizon to hear the blip. And from nothingness, a shadow from the fog appears. The walking footsteps stop in front of them. Has the being anything to say? Has the being anything to show? Sure, but they were not paying attention. So back into the void the footsteps head. And like lying on the moist ground of a park, cuddling with grass for comfort: We find that the warmth was ours to begin with. We are slowly eating ourselves into useless beings. We can do that, or we can to nothing. With that knowledge, we dig with, our hands, our graves. And every morning we make our beds. So that when we finally realize we are too tired to sleep, we may drop our bags, lie on our back and face the fading glimmer of our future. You can read this, or you can do nothing. It's all the same.