Saturday, June 9, 2012

Get this man a Pulitzer

As I sit here putting the finishing touches on this book, it’s September 2011—exactly nine years to the month since I launched When I got to the literary world, it was like a great big pussy, just waiting to get fucked—and I stepped up and fucked the ever loving shit out of it. I’ve cherished almost every moment of this past decade. All the successes I’ve achieved are humbling and amazing to me; they surpassed every dream I had for myself when I started. In the nine years since I started, I’ve entertained countless people, sold millions of books, invented a new literary genre, and had a movie made about my life. And I haven’t even turned 36 yet.

Tucker max is done writing fratire. We at Nada feel this is a real shame. No writer- nay, literary genius has so eloquently made the case for date rape culture and fascism. Congrats Tucker, you won the Pulitzer, bro.

also Nada 006 - We Won the Pulitzer?

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