Tuesday, February 28, 2012

I turned in my Mercedes-Benz for a white Ferrari convertible

that cost me something like $8,000, which was considered a whole lot of money back then. Now, here we are riding around town in this spectacular car. A real black motherfucker like me with this stunningly beautiful woman! When she got out of the bad-ass car she seemed to be all legs, because she had these long, gorgeous, dancer's legs and she carried herself with that dancer's carriage. Man, it was something, people stopping and looking with their mouths hanging open and everything.
         I was sharp as a tack every time I went out in public and so was Frances. Life magazine even put me in their international issue as a black person who was doing something good for his people. That was all right. But I always wondered why they didn't put me in the issue that comes out over here.
         -Miles Davis


Nada 003 - Dysphoria, Paranoia, Catatonia, and still staring at the ceiling

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Friday, February 3, 2012

To our friends in Croatia

Sources tell us that your population is in decline.
As well as the popularity of the necktie.
Nevertheless, we stand behind you Croatia.