Friday, August 8, 2014

Get Ready To Be Sucked On!

Get ready for this summer's next blockbuster pile of nothing! No, it's not Shia La Beouf running rampant with his Robot-Friendship League of Goodness or a particular Greek trying to cope with domestic life, after having completed an incredible to-do list, becoming a soldier of fortune or aging film stars turned retired soldiers turn the world's most feared anti-terrorist/terrorist unit. No, sorry this next blockbuster has none of that. In fact it's not even a movie or a blockbuster. Nevertheless, get ready for zombies [a shotgun blast is heard], traveling people [a crowd of people scream], love and loss [a woman crying], weird things [yet another shotgun blast], triangles [the sound of people gasping], and not too many dick jokes [a hearty round of applause]. Get ready for the action-adventure-family-comedy-sci-fi-classic-with-something for everybody-and-a-heart-in-just-the-right-spot twenty-third installment of the Nada series. Get ready to be sucked on by "Getting suckedon by the Bermuda Triangle".

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also if you're in the Seattle area August 23rd-24th, stop by the Vera Project and say hello to Nada and the other great tables at the Seattle Anarchist Bookfair